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As a complete surprise to everyone, Tesla introduced their new Roadster last night.
At the same even where they introduced their 500 miles range Semi Truck.
First, this is NOT a proper Roadster. Since a Roadster, by definition, is a two seater car.
(Just like the Mercedes CLS is NOT a coupe)
But I guess they wanted to cash in on the name they have used before. (?)
Here are the specs:
– Range of 620 Miles
– $200 000
– 4 seats
– 0 to 60 in 1.9 second
– All wheel drive
I don’t understand why there is even a market for a car that does 0 to 60 in under 2 seconds.
While I realize this is an amazing technological feast, it just feels stupid to me.
As no one will be able to ever use that, except on a track. It seems to appeal only to young car nerds ( Who can’t afford the car anyway) and journalists.
And the price. $200 000!!!  I was hoping Tesla would make “the great EV convertible”(The one I was actually waiting for…). Maybe a 2 door convertible based off the Model 3. Something that could maybe start at $50 000?
Something for most of us. Or at least, many of us.
Instead, we have yet another supercar no one, except the super rich, will be able to afford.
Basically, this is Elon Musk making the car HE wants to drive. (Him and his rich friends.)
Also, a semi truck and a $200 000 car is not what Tesla needs to concentrate on right now.
They need to figure out how to actually build the model 3. Deliver it to about 400 000 people who have been waiting for years.
I really like EVs and respect Tesla for achieving something no other manufacturer has.
Bu it is beginning to look like a weird one man show….
(And I am not even talking about the ridiculous tunnels he is building underneath Los Angeles…)

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  1. Give me 3 minutes charge for 300-500 mile range and I could not care less about this new toy for old men chasing chicks in their 20s. We just do not have the technology yet. That would make the internal combustion engine obsolete.

  2. Look at the number of typos and misspellings in this post. Who is this author? Has he not taken an English class? How can he have a website and write about cars when he cannot even spell? Dude, there is an application called "Word," from Microsoft. It has spell check in it.

  3. fuck off dude. who cares. Vince has been doing this for near a decade and has some of the best intel in the industry. Enjoy it for what it is. A blog that one man has kept alive since the start of blogger. Pretty impressive to me.

  4. There is no software to save Vince from typos and grammar; It would break. And how special you are Vince allowing the above 5.55 PM loser mouthing off insults(is it your post and language?) I thought you were supposed to allow posts after you review them.

  5. The post above must be new to this blog. We all know by now that Vince only finished high school, is blue collar, and lives in an appartment. But, that is his business. We care about the photos. Reviews and views are a dime a dozen out there.

  6. Who cares, Vince is great and I’ve been coming here since 2004!

    Meanwhile Tesla makes the next Accord Coupe!

  7. It seems they develop all these new prototypes and cannot even get the Model 3 ramped up to sell.

  8. i come here for the pics, not vince's comments. his english has always been a bit off, and his aesthetic tastes are questionable. having said that, he does scour the internets to bring us the latest automotive updates, which is appreciated.

  9. You have to look at this from a different angle. This Roadster has only one purpose – to get Tesla money, so they can improve Model 3 production and develop and produce the Semi.

    For the promise of the roadster in maybe two years, you have to give Tesla 200K right now. They will use this free money for development right now.

    This is super smart move from Tesla – cashing in on the WOW factor and using the rich peoples money.

    The car itself is cool, of course 🙂

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