Acura prices the 2018 RLX

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And it’s not cheap. The “revised for 2018” RLX starts at $54 900. Or $61 900 for the Sport Hybrid model.
That is crazy pricing. (Almost as crazy as their “over $150 000” NSX)
Let’s see what else you can get for that money if you are looking for a luxury sedan…
– An Audi A6 3.0 Turbo is $57 474 (The base 2.0 model starts at $50 675)
– A BMW 5 series 530 starts at $52 195 (The 540 starts at $ 57 445)
– The Mercedes E Class starts at $ 53 145
So basically, Acura is pricing their old  (And rather ugly) RLX (It came out in 2013) about the same as all the newer German competition. 
And higher than the Infiniti Q70 or Genesis G80.
The poor Acura has none of the image and cachet of its German competition. I am sure it is a fine car.
It probably drives very well, is very comfortable. And must be very reliable.
But in this segment of the market, image is almost everything. And this offers nothing.
If you really like the RLX. Just get a good use one.
Like THIS ONE. Or THAT ONE. Two year old cars for almost half the price!
Who would ever buy a new one of these????
All I can say is: Good luck with that!

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  1. Wannabes will always go for the emblem on the hood. The Unreliable ultimate driving machine now places it also on the side(you know which brand…)The RLX is a mighty fine car, too bad the entire redesign is more or less the loss of the beak.

  2. Very sad for Honda. Acura used to be king of the kill until they went in the wrong styling direction and never offered a V8.

  3. I had leased the previous RLX and later realized but could not believe how long the front overhang was and how large the turning circle is. It was a 3 yr lease and I returned it in 2.5 yrs with unused miles. This new RLX has the same dimensions….

  4. From the point of you of the quality and reliability is better then audi and Maserati. Sadly the dress is not to the same level.

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