How about more pictures of the redesigned Dacia/Renault Duster for 2018.

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I always though the original, for generation model, would have made a great Nissan for the US market.
I guess I was wrong (That just cannot be). Or Nissan just didn’t think so.
 I saw a couple in L.A over the years, from Mexico. And they do look really good!
The first generation was very popular, as about 2 million of them were sold around the world.
This all new second generation even looks better. 
It is still small. About the size of a Honda HR-V. So not really “too small” for the US.
It is not fast or very powerful, with 125HP. (A base Ford Ecosport has 123HP)
It is cheap (between about $14 000 and $20 000 in Europe. Including taxes) And apparently, does really well off road.
At least better than most other “city oriented” small SUVs.
This could still be really nice as a cheap Nissan. Could be even cheaper than the Juke! 
A little rougher, less powerful. But better at being a small truck.
I really think there is a market for this, or something like it.
Plus Renault already has access to all Nissan dealers.
All it needs is a redesigned grille and a few logos. 
What do you think?

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  1. It is marketed by Nissan in India (steering wheel on the wrong side of the car! ;)) under the name of Terrano…At least the first generation. I don't know if it will also be the case for this 2nd generation one.

  2. What do I think? I think they can keep this one far far away from the U.S. market. The U.S. Juke replacement is going to be unveiled this week at L.A. and from what I've heard it's basically going to be a U.S. version of the Nissan Kicks. The Kicks is far far better looking than the Juke and far better looking than this thing too.

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