Leap Motors (Yes, “Leap Motors”) LP S01 EV

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That’s right, there is yet another new Chinese brand called Leap Motors.
 They claim production will start in 2018 (A factory is actually already under construction)
Capacity could reach 250 000 units a year. (sure…)
And why not…
At least the teaser above looks pretty good.
They claim their first model, the LP S01, will be an “affordable small electric sports car”.
Which should be about the size of a Miata. 

And here is the S01 prototype actually driving around.
The shape seems to be like a modern Honda CRX, or something,.
While the interior is a bit weird. It seems very 90ish . But with modern LCD screens.

Again, why not.
A little sporty electric coupe with a range of over 250 miles. For about $30 000.
It seems that’s what Honda is trying to do with their new Sports EV Concept we just saw.

What do you think of a small sporty EV?

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