Honda Sports EV Concept

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Not much info on this yet.
but it looks like a compliment to the previous “Urban EV” Concept we saw earlier.
and that one is going into production within two years.
So maybe this one too?
Who knows. But I do like the simple design. it has a back to basic Honda feel to it. Which is great. 
If produced, it could be a nice 21st century EV version of the CRX.
What do you think?

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  1. this is a much better design direction than their current one. i would actually consider buying this, whereas the current hondas with all their swoops and bulges would never have a place in my driveway

  2. I think this is the design language Honda should follow. The Civic is not terrible but the new Accord is just awful.

  3. Current Hondas looks like a razor blade. Like everybody said Honda should follow this design direction.

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