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 We have heard of that new brand, Lynk & Co before. A sub-Volvo brand from the same owner, Geely.

Lynk & Co is supposed to be sold outside of China as well. Especially in Europe and the US.
So we might actually end up seeing the car pictured above.
I guess they would use Volvo dealerships. Selling the cheaper models next to the higher end Volvos (?)
Why not.

So far, all the Lynk & Co models are based on the new compact platform used by the new XC40 (And next S40 sedan)
And they do look good.

We have already seen the 01 Sedan as well as the 03 SUV.
But this 02 model looks like a hatchback version of the 01 sedan.
Which actually makes sense, especially for the European market.

Just as a reminder, here are the 01 sedan and 03 SUV.

Like all small sedans, the 01 looks a bit awkward. The 02 hatchback version would be much better. 

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  1. Every time I see the sedan, I think of Saab. If Saab was still around, this looks like it could be their new 9.3

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