Mazda CX-5 test drive coming up.

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Just got a Mazda CX-5 for a whole week.
Most reviews of this car have been really good so I am expecting quite a bit.
And so far, it doesn’t disappoint.

I haven’t driven Mazda cars for years now. So I was really happy to get this one.
Since I have not been able to drive any of their current generation models. (I will make sure to catch up with more.)

Go ahead if you have any questions about the car…

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  1. I don't have any questions but I'm waiting for this review. My lease will end soon and this is one of the cars that I've been looking at.

  2. The ride is very smooth and very solid.
    More so than the price suggests. So far I am very impressed. Closer to a Lexus than other side level priced SUVs.

  3. So far not slow at all.
    Plenty of power around town. I had 4 people on board yesterday (including myself) , around town and FWY and never needed more power.

    It's not a sports car and isn't meant to be driven like one.
    So far it's been fine.

    I'll see if I feel the same after a whole week…

  4. Vince, anything above 8 sec 0-60 is slow. In fact, it is slower than the previous model. And building underpowered, slow cars and SUVs has been the Achilles heel for Mazda. How can you show up at the country club with 180horses? It is a disgrace!

  5. The back seat is indeed roomy. It's nothing like a Passat back there, but there is plenty of room for adult humans and their legs.

    As for the thigh support, that is fine too.
    But I usually don't have a problem with most cars about that…The seats are generally very comfortable.

  6. I bought my '17 Grant Touring AWD with Premium Pack in April. As for the size, I think it's perfect and is manageable for day to day driving. The rear seat room is adequate for normal sized adults and children.
    Some might think the power is "lacking" but this vehicle isn't meant for stoplight burnouts. That takes me to the powertrain which is part of what attracted me to the vehicle. It's simple: No turbo, no CVT. Much less to go wrong down the road.
    I have just under 9k miles and I'm impressed with the vehicle overall. Is it perfect? NO! But, I was looking at Lexus NX's that cost 10k more that still didn't have the Full Range Adaptive Cruise or the Heads up Display like my CX-5.

  7. Vince, how much road noise at freeway speeds? My last Mazda a 5 van) was great except for the egregious road noise. Really soured me on the brand.

  8. One of the first thing I noticed was how quiet the car is. And pretty amazingly quiet at freeway speed.

  9. Hey Vince, how's the outward visibility, especially out the rear of the vehicle? Are there many blind spots?

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