Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross coming to the L.A show

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I guess we are getting this pretty soon.
Since they are showing us the US version in just a few days.
I actually kind of like it. I know, the use of the name “Eclipse”  is blasphemous to many.
But I think most young buyers have no idea of what the old Eclipse models were.
Plus, it does look better than some other tiny SUVs. Like the poor Ford Ecosport.
(The Ecosport was at the auto show a year ago and I have not seen one driving around yet. Is it even on sale???)

Here are a few pix of the Eclipse Cross.

Not sure about the US market powertrain. But overseas versions get a diesel (We obviously won’t) or a 1.5 Liter Turbo and CVT.
Which probably what we’ll be getting here.

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