More pictures of Hyundai’s next FCEV Fuel Cell SUV

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 Fuel Cell technology has come a long, long way.
I remember seeing an early Mercedes Fuel Cell van years ago and wondering how it would ever be possible to shrink the whole thing down into a normal car.
Now we have the Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity available for under $400 a month!

And Hyundai also has a fuel cell version of the Tucson available for $499 a month.
Which now seems expensive compared to Toyota and Honda.
Plus, it is still a version of the previous generation Tucson. So basically no one is driving one.

Which will hopefully change with this next generation pictured above.
I think it just looks great. (I wonder if that is a preview of the next generation Tucson as well…)

 The map of Fuel Ell stations in California is actually not that bad. You can now drive up the coast !
Which is great.

But no Vegas trip yet…

It’s even better around town! At least in L.A.

With a predicted driving range of 360 miles, most people around here should be covered.
And don’t forget, it only takes 2 to 3 minutes to fill up!

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  1. When Honda first showed off its fuel cell technology, they offered (along with the car, which was essentially the same as today´s Clarity) a kind of hydrogen plant that you could own and have at home, What news you know about this latelly?, Of course, correct me if I´m wrong…. Regards!!!!

  2. But can we talk about the Hyundai? It looks like a combination of a Mazda CX-3 and a Citroën Cactus. Hyundai's only truly groundbreaking design I can think of was the 2011 Sonata – their latest cars are either generic conservative designs or copies of original ideas. Or discombobulated mashups of everything like the Genesis G70.

    Excited for more hydrogen cars to be on the road though! You know it's a viable future technology if Elon Musk is threatened by it.

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