More pictures of the “not new” Infiniti QX80

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Again, as you can see, this is the same car/truck as the one from last month. Or 8 years ago.
(New one on top)
Except for a new front end. After 8 years…

 This picture basically sums up what is new for 2018.
And that’s it.

it doesn’t look that bad really. But that’s it for the “new”part.

Inside, you get a treated to healthy dose of “nothing new”.
It’s everywhere.

They didn’t even make the screen a little bit larger than before.
And, at least from this picture, it doesn’t look like the resolution has improved much.

Also, no Car Play or Android Auto. That would be too much to ask for about $65 000 in 2018.
We’ll probably have to wait for the next one for that.

Years from now…

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  1. Great improvement BUT this is a freaking 8 year old design overall. Time for a completely new one not for a mild redesign… I guess they know they'll never reach the American brands full size SUV sales so they don't care anymore….

  2. No this seem to be a very good stop gap, until 2020 model year. The 2020 will be all new I think. But this is a attractive upgrade, the White QX80 that debut in Dubai is hot!

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