Next Bentley Flying Spur already looks better than the current one.

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Even with all that crappy looking camouflage on it, you can tell the shape is much sleeker.

To me, the current one never lived up to the Bentley name. It just looked like a much cheaper large sedan. (It would make a really nice Genesis)
Nothing special like a Bentley should be.

The new one should be more like a true 4 door Continental GT. And the new Continental GT looks pretty amazing.
So this should be really nice…

For more pictures of the all new Flying Spur prototype, head over HERE. 

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  1. The current one was a horrible step backward from the original, which had the elegant coupe-like styling that became all the rage just as the blockier, plainer current model arrived. Even the larger, older Mulsanne came out looking sportier and more youthful. Let's hope this new one is a step back in the right direction.

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