Subaru Ascent teaser

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 Yep, it took Subaru a whole year to go from the boring concept version to the production model.

So we will finally see the Ascent SUV at the Los Angeles Auto show.
(Exactly a year after the concept)

 Here is the real thing. So don’t expect too much.
This will be a super conservative design. Looking like it could have come out in the late 90’s, at best.

And here is last year’s concept.

From what we have seen so far in all the spy shots, the  production version could be an aven more boring/toned down design. Imagine that… (These semi-cool headlights are gone)

HERE are more pictures of the prototypes driving around.

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  1. I think the concept looked great but Subaru is known for great concepts and horrible production translations. So I am really expecting for them to mess it up and just make a bloated Outback.

  2. Super conservative design… maybe so, but you left out the part where this thing is likely going to become Subaru's second biggest seller after the Outback, if not the biggest seller for them. Subaru fans have been waiting for a decent 3-rower some time now and will likely gobble this up. As for the rest of the car buying public, well lets just say I won't be shocked if the Ascent steals a few sales from the Highlander/Pathfinder/Pilot/Traverse/Explorer/CX-9 and other 3 row CUV's.

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