That Lincoln Nautilus grille

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 I truly think this is a terrible choice for Lincoln.
That gaudy, vulgar looking grille is now fitted to everything they make.

 That poor thing now looks terrible with “small yet big” new grille. It doesn’t fit the rest of the car at all.
It’s either too small or too big. It just seems wrong.
It looks like some after market part someone bought and quickly put over the old front end…

 These two rich fake hipster can laugh all they want, I am crying inside…

(And to add insult to injury, it looks like they are actually laughing at me!)

While the Lincoln’s grille is just vulgar, the real gaudiness of the original Nautilus was inside!

But, at least, they were able to drink champagne while traveling.  

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  1. While there was nothing wrong with the previous Lincoln grill, the new one doesn’t look bad at all and so far works on every model, except the MKZ. And it’s far more attractive than the cartoonish, over-sized monstrosities plastered on the noses of its Asian competition.

  2. Wow. I think you're completely wrong. The grille looks SO much better fitted for the car.

    Every other car blog site is praising this.

  3. I honestly just don't get your dislike for the new Lincoln grille. I think it looks great and the designers did a nice job of adapting it to vehicles that had the old split wing grille.
    It's not like you go around testing a bunch of Lincoln vehicles. That would get in the way of your constant reviews of the same Nissan and VW products.

  4. Vince, am no real fan of anything from Lincoln, but your revulsion to that grille is over the top. The grill is really an improvement over the recent prior grilles from Lincoln, but in truth almost all the cars out there today are basically aesthetically lacking. The new Lincoln look isn't at all hideous, but it's just nothing special.

  5. I like the new grille, but I do see a major issue with it: it's silver and so is the Lincoln logo, thereby making the logo hard to see. Not a good idea.

  6. I totally disagree. It's their strongest design theme yet. Not that I'll be buying a Lincoln anytime soon, but this is 100% better than the previous theme that was phased out as fast as it came in. This is strong, elite and upper tier design. Exactly what they need to hopefully increase their status.

  7. It doesn't seem to bad. Not nearly as bad as the 2007 MKX and Navigator. THAT radiator mess of a grill just screams horrible 70s/80s.

  8. Aviator. One of the best Lincoln names for an SUV. Bring it back. And Zephyr for something slotted below Continental.

  9. I think the new grille looks just fine.

    I don’t understand why the facelifted MKX gets a name change, but the facelifted MKC and MKZ kept their meaningless “MKWhatever” monikers. My only guess is that the higher profit margin Lincoln receives on the MKX justifies the money Lincoln will need to spend to promote and market the name change.

    Lincoln finally unified its grille design, but chose to remain disjointed with its product monikers. Go figure.

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