2018 Nissan Leaf quick drive

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I got to spend a little time driving the 2018 Nissan Leaf while attending the Los Angeles auto show press days a while ago.
Here are some thoughts…

 As mentioned before, the “new’ Leaf isn’t all new. but a new design on top of the exact same structure.
(Glass is all the same as before except the rear hatch)

Which is actually fine, since it looks so different. Edgier and a bit more aggressive visually.

 Same thing inside. Where things are exactly where they used to be. Just looking a bit different.
The car is solid and well finished.

 I don’t remember exactly how was the back seat of the previous version, but this one is really roomy.
And I really like the 2 tone cream/black combo. (Also refreshing to see nice cloth instead of “almost mandatory” leather everywhere!)
but I do miss a sunroof. Of any kind…

 The added power is immediately obvious. The new leaf is punchier than the old one.
And you can tell right away.

The steering feels about the same, and
 the ride is very smooth.

New for 2018 is the e-Pedal mode. Where the car slows down (and eventually stops) when you lift your food off the accelerator. So you could basically drive using only one pedal most of the time.

It actually works and is quite pleasant. (Other EVs have that feature as well.)

The new Leaf looks like a really nice upgrade.
The 150 miles EV range is much better than before.

The eGolf is still sportier. And even though it is rated at only 115 miles I got much more in my recent test drive.

I am really looking forward to spend a week with the new Leaf…

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