2018/19 Renault Sandero

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 This is basically the Renault version of the Dacia model sold in Europe.
Although the Renault is sold mostly in south Africa and south America.

And guess what? It’s getting a facelift for the new year. (Like many of us)

The front is only slightly changed.
But the rear lights are very different.
 And kind of nicer…

For those of us (which is most of us) who have never seen a Sandero, here is what the current model looks like. It starts at around 6000 Euros in Europe.
Which makes is a super cheap car at under $7000…

It doesn’t seem that bad for the money. Even is you click all the options it probably still ends up under $10 000.

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  1. You realize that the lights are actually the same in the rear and they've just changed the graphics/added reflective bits on the hatch to make them look like they're different…right?

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