2019 BMW X7

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The top pictures are part of a BMW teaser for the all new X7 SUV. (pre-production model being built)
While the bottom one is the ghastly concept we saw a while ago.

Quite a few changes. Which, in the case of the X7, isn’t that bad. Since it looked like a nightmare to begin with.
But now the lights just look like any other BMW SUV. So they just made it more boring to fit in the rest of their line up.

But that is really bad news for the new Z7 and 8 series. As these concepts were gorgeous.
This X7 teaser shows how BMW doesn’t stay that close to their concept when designing the production version.
I am afraid the Z4 and 8 series will be much, much less exciting than their concept versions.
Which is really too bad….

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  1. I actually liked the concept quite a bit. The chrome up front was too much, but it was loud and stately, rather than bland and derivative like most BMWs today.

    This has watered down some, but they're getting better with preserving details. The headlights look pretty sharp.

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