2019 Honda HR-V

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The HR-V is getting a new face for the new year, and here it is.
Prototypes have been spotted a few days ago (HERE) .

I guess this looks more like to the Civic and Accord front ends. And of course: more chrome.
(not really sure why that’s a thing in 2018)

We’ll have to wait if there are any other changes besides the tail lights….

Here is the current HR-V. As usual in these mid-cycle “facelifts”, only the non metal parts are new.
(You can see the fenders and the hood are the same. )

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  1. I think it looks nice. The grille works much better here than the new Accord.

    It seems like this car is incredibly popular, so I don't expect this new facelift to change that.

  2. I'd say it does look better,a s there is less going on in the grille; I agree that the chrome thing is not great (though happening everywhere), but I guess a blacked out version will be available…

  3. The silver HR-V is a photoshop with Civic Touring LED head lamps and 117-18 19 inch accessory wheels.

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