2019 Honda Insight?

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 If this is real, it looks like Honda will move the Insight to a new territory.
It now will be a regular sedan, slotted between the Civic and Accord.
Basically, a slightly more conservative design than the Civic. Although it looks 90% the same.

It actually looks more like a facelift for the current Civic. With a new face and lights.

Really weird that Honda would abandon the hatchback. At a time when the Prius and Ioniq are still hatchbacks. (I can’t really imagine the Prius going back to a sedan design)

 Here you can see how close it looks to a regular Civic.
A less aggressive, more conservative version. Why???

The interior also looks like a slightly modified version of the Civic. Again, just a like a 2019 Civic facelift could look like.

I am not sure, but this looks like another bad move from Honda. Moving the Insight upmarket and make it appealing to older people. Why??
Unless they have some amazing/secret technology that gets unbelievable gas mileage, I’d say this is DOA…

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  1. Talk about a lazy rebody. We used to crucify GM and Ford for this back in the day. But's it's OK for the Japanese to do it.

  2. No hatchback because of cost. Hatchback lids are heavy and reducing weight would mean going to carbon fibre, which Toyota did with the Prius Prime. Basically, Honda is likely going to undercut Toyota….this should get interesting.

  3. The present Civic is overstyled and gimmicky. The update had to be toned down to make it look credible. It's like Nissan did with the Murano: overstyled it at first, then went more conservative. But I like it better if this is the new Insight.

  4. Are you sure this is just not a mmc of the current Civic. Or is the Insight going to take the place of a hybrid civic model.

  5. I wonder if the intent is that this is similar to what the Civic's mid-cycle refresh will look like.

  6. I totally disagree. Honda finally designed a dedicated hybrid that doesn’t look like a cheap and cheesy piece of space age crap. This new Insight looks substantial and upscale. I would never consider one of the previous generations of this hybrid vehicle, but this new gen is definitely on my radar. If Honda has given it the proper level of refinement and technology to match its good looks, then it should become the leader in this segment.

    Now Honda needs to create a raised wagon version with faux crossover elements to expand its presence in this segment. Maybe resurrect the “Element” nameplate for this vehicle (or simply call it “Insight Cross” or “Insight X”). It would be a Kia Niro competitor.

    The Prius has never been a good looking vehicle, but the current gen is just hopelessly hideous. Hyundai’s Ioniq is much better looking than the Prius, but its no match in the looks department for this new gen Insight. The Kia Niro is a bit on the boring side of conservative, but it does offer buyers a crossover type of product in the segment.

  7. It looks nicer than the old 5-door Hatchback Insight.

    Why does the Infotainment System block the middle vents?!!!

    Bad design.

  8. This is just a Civic rebody.. they didn't even bother to change the taillight cutouts, just blacked out the outer edges and removed the upper trunklid extensions. Very lazy.

  9. Perhaps this is the future for Honda.. dualing the platforms, using the Civic name on the gas-powered models and Insight for the hybrid/plug-in and eventual NGV or Hydrogen models. They could easily dual the Accord and next Clarity as well..

  10. That looks surprisingly good. Nice tone-down of the Civic (I couldn't care less how similar it looked). Not a fan of that chunk of black above the tail lights though. I assume that'll get filled with red reflector for production…

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