2019 Honda Insight Vs-Honda Civic

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The Insight is physically just a face-lifted Civic.
I think it is too bad Honda didn’t really design a new car.

Fitting another sedan between the Civic and the Accord is also weird. If you want a Hybrid, the Plug-in version of the Clarity is about the same price as a base Accord after incentives.
So this Insight will not be much cheaper at all. For a regular “old fashion” hybrid.

Why not just make this a Civic Hybrid? Why spend the money on a different model that looks almost the same??
Do they have that much cash to burn???


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  1. What?? This will absolutely be cheaper than an Clarity. Sharing the platform and bones of the Civic is WHY it will be less expensive. The Clarity is $26k AFTER those incentives. I'd expect the Insight to sit around $20k, that $6k difference being a major gap this low down.

    I wish they had used the Civic hatch as the base for this new Insight, but the Civic sedan has such good proportions already.

  2. I think this is going to be a huge hit for Honda. A regular looking Hybrid is what people want. and size is perfect. Exactly what 50-70 year old people want. Boring, upscale sedan just a bit bigger than a Civic.

  3. I don't know where you get the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid being close to the same price as a base Accord. A base Accord starts around $25k. The Clarity is almost $10k more for the base model Plug-in Hybrid. There is a $6,500 incentive but is only available if you lease and only in certain states. Either way that puts it between the Sport and EX-trim levels.

  4. The federal incentive is $7500. Where I live (California) there is a $2500 State incentive on top of that. Which makes the clarity about the same price as an Accord.
    The most basic Civic sedan starts at around $19 000. You now that new Insight will be thousands more (They mention it is more upscale than the Civic) The Civic EX is about $21 500. My guess is the Insight will start at at least $23000/24000.
    Which is almost as much as the Clarity. But the Clarity is larger, more luxurious, and a plug in!

    I can't see any really future for the Insight. Unless it steals many sales from the Civic sedan…

  5. The need to put that face on the new Accord, PRONTO. It actually looks complete and more tasteful (still wish they would just black out the chrome).

  6. I believe the Insight will be the catch-all name for all future hybrid/plug-in/EV/NGV and maybe even Fuel Cell versions of the Civic, and the next Clarity will serve the same purpose for future alternative fuel Accords. Now if only the Civic could get some of that simplified, classier bodywork…

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