2019 Hyundai Veloster

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I have always been a fan of the Veloster.
A small, corky hatchback with a glass roof, and a nice personality.

But I am not sure about this second generation. It just looks like a weirder version go the current one.
At the same time, not as original.

And that huge grille Hyundai insists on using on all their cars.
Small sporty cars really shouldn’t have a big useless grille like this… ( I know the current one already has a quite a large grille)

It seems that every time Hyundai has come up with a really nice design, the next generation is a bit of a let down. Weird….

Head over HERE for many more pix of the new Veloster caught while filming a promotional video.

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  1. The first gen Veloster looked like someone sat on a Kia Soul. This new one looks like someone sat on a Hyundai Kona.

  2. I would rather have the i30 Fastback. It has four side doors and a sexy exterior design. I can’t say the same for this next gen Veloster. I also never cared for the current car’s asymmetrical door arrangement; it’s a peculiar design element that serves no function other than being different solely for the sake of being different.

    I don’t exactly agree with your assessment of Hyundai’s styling. I think the current Tucson is an improvement over the previous generation. I also think the updated 2018 Sonata is a big improvement over the pre-facelift version (although it still isn’t as nice looking as the previous generation). I hope the facelifted Sonata and the Kona (its styling is adventurous in a very positive way) are indications that Hyundai may be getting its styling mojo back.

    I do agree that the current Elantra is a huge step backwards from the previous generation in regards to exterior and interior styling. The previous gen was an incredibly attractive car in search of a bigger dose of refinement. The current gen car is quite boring in comparison. Considering that Honda and Chevrolet both stepped up their styling games with the current Civic and Cruze sedans (respectively), Hyundai’s backwards step with the current Elantra seems even more disappointing.

  3. As far as styling, I don't think this is much of an improvement, but the fact they moved it from the Accent to the Elantra platform should do wonders for the drive.

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