2019 Jeep Cherokee

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 The Cherokee is finally showing us its new face. (Top picture)
A more conservative one that will probably please many.

 Small changes in the back as well, with new lights and bumper.

Not much is new inside. (new one on top)
It looks like the chrome/satin bits are a bit thinner. (A good thing)

No other info as available so far. But the new 2.0 Liter Turbo should join the line up for 2019 like it does in some other markets.
But that seems to be about it . 

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  1. Unpopular opinion but I didn't really mind the old Cherokee look. It is such a popular car (at least by me) that you just get used to seeing them everywhere.

    The new one is definitely nice. The new rear with the taillights and new license plate position works really well. It is just a little disappointing to see Jeep models become more homogeneous.

  2. The update doesn't look bad, but now I have a hard time differentiating it from the Jeep Compass.

  3. It looks more like a Jeep now. I like the update.

    I don’t mind the split front lighting treatment if it’s done right, but it wasn’t done correctly on the Cherokee. It didn’t fit in with the rest of the vehicle. It looked clunky and forced on the Cherokee.

    I think Hyundai did it right on the Kona (although Hyundai got the name wrong).

  4. This looks tremendously better. I love that they gave it a familial look and it fits perfectly in the line up in between the Compass and Grand Cherokee. The new engine choices will make things interesting. These changes should help to boost the sagging sales of this model and keep it relevant for a few more years.

  5. The headlights and much cleaner bumper shapes don't bother me, but the grille bars and hood contours are so flat and boring now.

  6. I really do not see the new re-design! qQlqqoqqqoqqkqqs the same bland, ugly boring Cherokee as the current model!

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