2019 Jeep Renegade

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 It looks like the Cherokee is not the only Jeep model to get some revisions for the new year.
The Renegade is also schedule to get at least a new face. (New rear lights and bumper too)
The 2019 model is the picture on top

And it does look good. Fancier. A bit more upscale. Cool lights.
Not sure if the lights are smaller in diameter, but the grille appears larger.

Inside, the dashboard is also revised.
Not only does the screen gets larger (although it seems to fit within the same surrounding plastic frame), but underneath, the dials look completely re-arranged too.

I guess this is all good news. Since the Renegade seems to be quite popular.
They sold over 106 000 of them last year. Which is way more than the Honda HR-V, Mazda CX-3, Toyota C-HR or Nissan Juke. 

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  1. do you think Jeep will offer the new 2.0L turbo engine as an option? or at least a 200-220 horsepower version of it? that make it a decent little rig with more get up and go.

  2. E M1 said…
    ''Yes, it will offer the Hurricane engine next year''……If so, they will have a huge winner on their Lots. The downfall of the current Jeep Renegade is that it does look like a nicely styled small Jeep but has no real jeep ''muscle''. That and issues with their auto transmissions. But if jeep can stop goofing around and offer a 200-plus HP hurricane turbo engine PLUS a stout auto transmission (that is reliable from day one without ''software issues'' and other maladies) they will have a big winner in my mind. Mind you , seeing all the huge increases in options , powertrain upgrades and quality in the newest 2018 jeep Wrangler, i can see the price jump up a few thousand dollars in initial price to match. But that is okay, build it right the first time and customers can negotiate a lower sale price or dealer incentives/discounts can be offered .

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