2019 Mercedes G-Class

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So far we only have interior pictures.
And what a mess it is….
The G-class came out decades ago and it is finally getting a total make over. Why not.
While Jeep has always been staying close to the original mission the car, the G-Class’s personality has changed quite a bit.
It started as a pure, rough and tough amazing off road truck. But years later, with the addition of more and more power, wood, leather and other expensive stuff, it became the car of choice for “Russian mafia douchebags” around the world.
Competing with other vulgar vehicles like the Hummer and Escalade.
And it looks like the next model is NOT going back to its roots.
Instead, catering even more to their wealthy gangster clients.
Hence, the super vulgar new interior.
Where there are more shapes, patterns and materials than in any other interior designs I have seen in years.
I guess greed wins…

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  1. The interior is beautiful and should be in a 100k Mercedes, but the G-Class sadly shouldn't be that vehicle. In a perfect world it's a 40-60K ultra hardcore off roader like the original that was designed for the German Milatary, simple interior, simple design, with excellent off road ability and reliability. Hopefully Land Rover doesn't butcher the new Defender next!

  2. The all new wrangler Rubicon will eat this for lunch! Not even Ranger Rover has anything to worry about!

  3. Yeah I bet Mercedes is desperate to crawl back that low income survivalist market they've been missing out on.

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