2019 Toyota Avalon teaser

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This already looks overdone…

The Avalon is a large, smooth “luxury” sedan. I am not sure this kind of design fits the car. Unless they are going for something totally different (Which I doubt)

Companies who have trouble designing good looking cars usually resort to just adding lines, spoilers, fake vents, scoops. Their idea of looking”younger”.
I don’t think they need to make the Avalon “look younger”. Let’s face it, no hipsters are buying them.
People won’t move up to an Avalon from a C-HR…

This teaser does look quite busy already, and it is only showing a small part of the front end.

Let’s hope I am 100% wrong. And the new Avalon looks stunning.

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  1. The current Avalon has a beautiful interior, and is a great, cheaper alternative to the Lexus ES, but the front end is absolutely hideous! Also, Toyota/Lexus needs to get in the game and add Apple CarPlay.

  2. Toyota said a couple of years ago that their own system is better than Apple CarPlay. That system has been criticized a lot lately, especially in the new Lexus models.

    I think it's a matter of time they put their ego aside and cave in. I love CarPlay in every car I have used it.

  3. Considering the Avalon is a cheaper, tackier, cheezier version of the lexus; yea, this looks about par for the course!

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