2019 Volvo S60?

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No it is not. So far this is just an illustration.

But it shows what the next S60 could look like if it were to adopt a design similar to last year’s “40.2 Concept”.
Since the other one shown at the same time, the “40.1” ended up being 99% of the actual XC40 design. It is fair to assume the 40.2 is very close to the next S40.

The illustration above shows a larger sedan based on that design.

Which, I think, looks great.
It is actually nice to see Volvo going back to a rather square look after all these years.
They did figure out a nice way to make “square” look pretty futuristic.

Let’s hope the final version looks close to this…

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  1. Personally I disagree. The look of the upcoming XC40 and this just looks cheap to me. Volvo should be upmarket when compared to domestic products including design. I do like the front end, but the rear quarters are completely off-putting for me. Swedish minimalism shouldn't be uninspiring. Reminds me to when Dodge when from the Neon to the Caliber and we all thought that was an improvement? No wonder it was a product failure. To me this would be a similar mistake.

  2. I agree with the rest that following the styling of the entry-level model onto more upscale models is not the way to go.. s60 would do better to emulate the s90, not the s40.

  3. I do like the grill but i do agree with you that the rear end looks cheap and not as good as a luxury brand should.

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