2019 Volvo V40

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These are obviously just illustrations. From British magazine Auto Express (HERE)

But they do seem pretty realistic, and do look like a wagon version of that cool 40.2 Concept they showed us a while ago.
Since the other concept, the 40.1, became the all new XC40, we know the next S40 will use the same design as the 40.2 concept.
And we do know a wagon version is in the works.

Volvo is pretty much covered as far as SUVs go, for a while. Their next models will be sedans and wagons.
40 and 60 series.

Here is that really good looking 40.2 Concept.
The next S40.

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  1. just want to say : Merry Christmas Vince Burlapp and thank you for sharing with all of us all the new car photos and infos. I cant recall the exact year i came upon your blog, but it must be at least 7-8 years now or longer that i have been reading it every day and look forward to your stories, automotive news and updates. I especially like when you post photos from the los angeles car shows and burger joints. I notice you get the occasional grouchy goofball who likes to point out your spelling mistakes but really who cares ? I am here for your writing style, automotive photos and automotive related news. Keep up the good work you do here with this blog and have a merry christmas! 🙂

  2. Thank you so, so much! This is really wonderful to hear. I appreciate it very much.

    And a Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. ''..Anonymous Anonymous said…
    Hey Tony are you the occasional grouchy goofball? Are you projecting again?''<<<<<<< ah, another negative prick. Give a compliment to Vince AND WISHED HIM A MERRY XMAS and some negative prick had to find some troll comment to spew out. Merry up yours, troll. 🙂

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