All new Kia Stinger already available for $299 a month.

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This actually sounds like a really good deal.
The all new Stinger is a great looking car. has been getting very good reviews already. It is very roomy and the hatchback is fantastic.
So $299 for a $32 000 car seems really good.

If you are willing to live with very limited choices the base model offers that is.
As you can see, only 3 ‘colors” are available. And none of them are actually colors.
And black is the only choice inside.
And only one

Otherwise, you need (like most buyers) to step up to the Loaded Premium trim for $6000 more…

Still, I think this could put quite a few Stingers on the road pretty quickly…

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  1. It's figured with 3000 down. That means 5000 down if your state has sales tax and dealership has a doc fee. And they don't mention lease loyalty which is usually 1 to 2k. Reschedule value is not so great. If you want first payment down that lease turns into $449 per mo.for returning lessees and maybe 499 for customers not coming back to Kia. Not sure if there is competitive lease cash. There should be for Audi, MB and BMW customers.

  2. Umm, $3000 at signing? How is that a deal? I hate dealer/Manufacturer games. I am sure there are bogus "dealer fees" and prep/ destination charges to be added too. I cant wait for dealers to`to be eliminated and the sale process is done online.

  3. You know these things will sell at 10-18% discounts. Inevitable. Badge snobs will cringe. But, those looking for value, keeping them for a long time, and long term warranty will benefit greatly.

  4. I would be more interested in a Mazda 6 2.5 turbo I think, since Mazda is finally giving us that option. The 6 GT would also have much more standard equipment. Will make for an interesting fwd vs rwd comparison I think.

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