All new Lamborghini Urus SUV

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 Of course this is overdone.
But I think in general, recent Lamborghini designs have been much nicer looking that the vulgar stuff Ferrari has been putting out.

This is a crazy car. A 641HP jacked up 4 door/4 seater hatchback with AWD.

The exterior design is of course a production version of the really good looking 2012 Urus concept.
But it is actually much more aggressive looking.

Am am really glad they avoided the “huge grille trend” also.
At least this is really slick and different.

I am very surprised, but I do like this (Especially the grey one on the top picture)

Here is the much more subdued 2012 concept version. 

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  1. OMG… Hell has frozen over. What in God's green earth was Lamborghini thinking, that exterior is UGLY. It's so ugly even when they mentioned it on CNBC, the guests and hosts were making fun of it. I love the interior but that exterior looks like a X2 and a Hyundai had a baby while on steroids.

  2. It looks like any crossover that's been widened at the wheels. The door handles look like they're off a Jetta. Exotics are supposed to be absurdly awesome. But this is way too conventional to be called a Lamborghini.

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