Auto Show notes: 2018 Buick Regal

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Another car I was actually curious about was the new Buick Regal. The US version of the Opel Insignia.
As I have always been a big fan of the previous generation.

In person, it seems to be a nice upgrade. The interior feels and looks great. (They should put that dashboard in the Cascada pronto)
The hatchback is pretty fantastic, with a huge trunk.
I just wished the exterior design was a bit more distinctive. It actually feels pretty invisible in person.
It is a car that wants to be different than your average Camry/Accord crowd. And it should look the part.

But. The pricing is actually pretty amazing. As it starts at $25 000.
For pretty much the same price as a base Accord or Camry, you get a German made sedan with a 250HP Turbo engine and 9 speed auto transmission. And the hatchback!
A very good looking car on top of that, even if a bit generic.

I just hope GM advertises the hell out of this car. I think this is a real contender. 

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  1. This does look bland and uninteresting inside and out. Look to the Mazda6 for how to do it right, and the new Camry for how to do it wrong – at least both stand out.

    It is interesting that the new Regal is priced so aggressively, since GM is famous for over pricing its new cars. Who in God's name wants a crappy little Encore for the same money or the Envision for much more money?

  2. I think this is going to suffer from “Great car that gets ignored” syndrome. Nothing else is available in that class with those standard features for that price. It’s a Premium package priced like a value midsize sedan in a lower tier. If I were in the market and looking at this and the Stinger, this may be the better value, even counting all the standard equipment on the base Stinger.

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