Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid pricing.

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The all new Plug-in version of the Ioniq hybrid will start at $25 000. And $28 300 for the Limited model.
Which, I think, is quite amazing.
These prices are before incentives. With in some case could lower the price to about $15 000.
For a nice looking car (so much nicer inside and out than the Prius) that will get you 29 miles of EV range. And  52MPG after that. 
This is about $3000 less than the Kia Niro I mentioned earlier. 
And around $2000 less than the Prius Prime. (with a 25miles EV range)
Unlike the Prius, the Ioniq comes with Apple Car play and a sunroof option as well. 
I know the Niro is about 3 times as popular as the Ioniq, in the US. 
But I think this aggressive pricing should really help.
I mean, even if you are not into getting a Hybrid, a loaded version of this could be less than a basic Corolla or Civic. 
The EV range and super high mileage is just an added bonus.
I also think this will make life pretty hard for the upcoming Honda Insight. Which should end up costing thousands more after incentives, (Since it won’t qualify)

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