More competition of that new Honda Insight: Kia Into Plug-in Hybrid.

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Sure, this is NOT a sedan.
Like the new Insight.
And we don’t know how much the Honda will be. Although Honda has said it will be positioned between the Civic and Accord.
So I am thinking around $23000/$24000 to start.

The all new Niro Plug-In Hybrid starts at just under $28 000. But since it is a plug-in, it will get the $7500 incentive.
Which means it will be around $18 000 (!!!) in California and other states.
A loaded model with everything is about $35 000. Or $25 000 with all incentives.
Which will be about the price of a base Insight!
The Niro also gets around 26 miles of EV range. After that it averages 44MPG.

Again, this is NOT a sedan. But since these crossover/wagon types are currently way more popular than sedans, I really think the Niro will eat that poor Insight for lunch.
(Plus, for something closer to a sedan, Hyundai will soon sell the Ioniq Plug-in hybrid, for even less money than the Niro!)

Honda needed to re-invent the Insight. Going from a hatchback to a super conservative sedan was really not the way to go….

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  1. Screw crossovers. No, you are wrong here. There is no pleasant-looking normal dedicated hybrid sedan on the market today. The Ioniq is a Prius competitor and not nearly as handsome as that Insight concept. There is definitely a market here for a hybrid Insight sedan.

    The fewer beige dynamically flawed crossovers on the market, the better. People don't need jacked up utility vehicles but they think they do and brands are shoveling them out like mad.

    The Kia might sell better, but at least the Insight won't be contributing to the demise of the sedan market.

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