Infiniti teases another Sedan Concept…

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They showed us this one last year. the “Q80 Inspiration Concept”
Mentioning: “Q80 inspiration is a precursor to a production model in this segment”and “suggesting a future design language”
Okay… I haven’t heard since of any actual production model based on this. But why not…

This year they will show this one.
Now they say: ” it previews a new generation of Infiniti vehicles and the first manifestation of Infiniti’s new form language”.
I guess “form language” and “design language” must be two totally different things.

No matter what, this looks pretty nice already. And the lack of a real grille suggests an EV?

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  1. I like this. Judging from the grill shape, Inifinti seem to be moving away from all of their bends and creases. I appreciate their commitment to it ,but it’s become tired. This will probably be more derivative looking but also more attractive. Also, the concept logo looks like a negative of their normal logo…pretty cool.

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