More pictures of the 2019 Mercedes G-Class interior

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Just a couple more pictures of the brown interior. 
Now trying really hard to look 100% luxurious. A weird mix of “rough & tough” and “pretend luxury”.
Range Rovers are much better at looking like a luxury car. ( I mean look at that complicated/cheap looking dashboard) And the new Jeep Wrangler is 100 times better at portraying the rough & tough image.
Besides Russian Mafia douchebags with too much money, I am not sure who this is for….

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  1. WE GET IT. You don't need to do this whole "Russian Mafia douchebags" thing every time you post about it.

  2. It's absolutely necessary. I think Mercedes panicked when they heard rumors of the Mattel/Hasbro merger and feared they couldn't compete with GI Joe and Barbie flaunting their new Jeep, so they're doubling down on the whole "Russian Mafia douchebags" thing.

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