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I keep thinking this is a pretty interesting car Buick is offering only in China right now.
The top pictures also show a really cool windshield wiper design.
Which  seems to be covering/cleaning the whole thing from each edge of the windshield. 
I remember seeing odd looking ones from Citroen and Mercedes. Mostly using only one wiper.
But this seems to be a good idea for large windshields…
The interior does look pretty nice. Actually better than most other Opel interiors.
And roomy too!

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  1. The 2nd gen Seat León (2005-2012) used the same windshield wiper concept, only the wipers sat closer to the A-pillars, even half-concealed by them, if I remember correctly. I've heard some rumours of water accumulating in the juncture between the windshield and the A-pillar in those cars, and eventually leaking inside. The 3rd gen León went back to traditional wipers.

  2. These are the same center-facing "butterfly" wipers that GM has been using for decades. The Uplander, Montana, Terraza, etc. etc. had them. As did the Aztek and Rendezvous. As did the "dustbuster" vans before them.

    Also two generations of Chrysler minivans.

    And the current Focus, the previous generation of Civic, both generations of Volt, the Fusion, Escape, etc. etc.

    They became a common design when windshields got very sloped and tall.

  3. Adding to the Seat Leon comment, the Altea, the small MPV of the Leon family had the same wipers arrangement but it was hiding them even better.

  4. Vince, the way you said " . . . Buick is offering only in China right now" makes it sound like maybe they'll bring it to the US. Do you think that will happen?

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