2018 VW Up GTI

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The VW Up is a tiny car.
Until you compare it with the first generation Golf that is.
In these pictures, VW shows us the new GTI version of the Up, next to the original Golf GTI.
The new one has 115HP. Compared to 110 from the original (It was less in the US)
And the Up is only about 4 inches shorter than the original Golf GTI. Although it is taller and a little bit wider. 
At about $20 000, the GTI is the top of the line for the Up lineup.
And I really whish they’d sell it here.

Doesn’t this look like a lot of fun?!

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  1. I see it takes the tacked on iPad look to it's logical conclusion with a simple phone mount on the dash for your phone.

  2. the 2 door in red looks kinda nice. The interior looks pretty sharp….too bad not for sale in north america.

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