2019 Acura RDX (Concept)

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As we all know, this is not really a concept. Just an early preview of the actual 2019 RDX.
They might change the mirrors, wheels etc… But this is it.

There is much more style. And some personality. The current one has neither.
So that’s a big improvement.

Dashboard still says “Klingon” to me. A bit less this time around maybe…
These are really nice cars that deserve much better designs. So the 2019 model will help a lot.

I know I am in the minority, but I really don’t like the new Acura grille. Which is one of the laziest design I have ever seen.
The which chrome line around it doesn’t help either. It looks like too much lipstick

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  1. Complete with the already done-to-death side window design. Nothing new or original to see here, folks. Move along.

  2. I said this before here but it still looks like a "cross" between the GMC Terrain and the Nissan Murrano. The interior dashboard and center stack is just too weird looking! Totally out of touch for a near premium vehicle. I think Acura has created another "miss" with this new RDS model. Hope I am wrong but I been right for predicting on what is a hit and what is not! This is not a "hit"!

  3. As much as I've read people crowing about how wonderful this is, I find it cheap looking and dull. The current RDX has a better design. The diamond pentagon fascade Acura is layering on all their talking points is BS covering crappy work. It's time for big changes in personnel.

  4. This is just pathetic and derivative.look at the X2, Acura to see that you don't have to copy Chevy to succeed. It's really time for some personnel changes at Acura, starting with whomever okd this mess.

  5. Vince, this looks just like the current CRV and I bet the same platform is gonna be used.
    I hope it comes with a decent power and gas mileage as well, and for once since one will be paying a lot more than the CRV, to come with more safety futures.
    One of the issues with the current CRV is the huge hood, it feels like a huge boat.
    But I like this model overall

  6. So it's another lightly modified, couple years old Honda being passed off as a new Acura. Not sure why Honda is getting a completely reskinned version of the Civic as the Insight, yet Acura is still forced to peddle a version of the previous Civic as the ILX. This is supposed to be the luxury performance division.. that Insight (or something similar) should have gone to them!

  7. It has the same side window profile as the Honda Civic and Accord. Acura will never be viewed as nothing more than a fancy Honda if it doesn’t get its own unique design language. This new RDX looks fine, but it could very well be a Honda design if it were fitted with a Honda grille.

    I don’t think the new grille design is problematic. The fact that there isn’t much about Acura to entice buyers to spend more on its products than comparable Honda products is the main issue. Honda could probably save a lot of marketing and development dollars by closing down Acura and simply offering ultimate lux trims on Honda products.

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