2019 Audi Q8

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Looks like the production version of the big Q8 SUV will look very similar to the concept from last year. It’s just a little less aggressive.
Which if fine, since that concept grille was pretty obnoxious.

I am not sure why this isn’t the Q7. It looks about the same size.
There seems to be nothing really special about it.
It does look nicer than the Q7 though. But that’s about it…

Not sure why this thing even exists.

(see all the pictures of the Audi Q 8 prototypes driving around HERE)

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  1. Exactly! They will call it a coupe and charge $$$$ more. I do like he frameless doors and the especially thin rear pillar meeting the rear door’s back edge….the rear solid pillar must be especially beefed up to support side impacts.

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