2019 Chevrolet Malibu

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The current Malibu is still a very nice looking car.
But since it’s been a few years, I guess the mandatory “Mid-cycle refresh” is coming up.
It looks interesting. (Although I wonder if it will adopt the “everyone else does it” huge grille now.)

Looks like LED lights are showing up all over. Engines are already competitive (They offered 1.5 Liter and 2.0 Turbos way before the Accord did)
So there shouldn’t be any change there.

The Malibu is still quite popular for GM. As they sold over 185 000 last year alone (228 000 the year before) Although that is less than the Ford Fusion. Which is not scheduled for a next generation in the US…

Head over HERE for all the pictures of that Malibu prototype driving around.

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  1. I truly hope that Chevrolet will add some much needed sound-deading material. GM reduced the new product's weight by reducing the sound deading material, especially for the road noise and that feels much less refined, especially the Malibu.

  2. I love the design of the Malibu, my 2nd favorite midsize sedan design to the Mazda 6, however I would never buy one on account of the fake wood grain inside. Aluminum or piano black trim would improve this interior immensely.

  3. Vince, do you think a refreshed Impala is coming anytime soon? The fully equipped one is nice and is a great value.

  4. Looks like they are changing the dumpy, frompy, look in the front. I never cared for the angle of the LED DRLs. Looks like they corrected it, which was really my only qualm with it.

    I didn't think we'd even get a refresh considering it's GM, which uses the 5 year mark to do so, instead of something all new, although the Malibu is sometimes given more.

    However, the Impala, which was new for 2014, has yet to see any changes.

  5. The design of the current Malibu never appealed to me. The Impala styling is so much better. They should discontinue the Impala since that size category seems to be dead and take the styling cues from Impala and apply them to the Malibu.

  6. Why is GM still bothering with this? The only ones interested in this car are Enterprise and AVIS. No wonder GM is failing.

  7. Why are they still bothering with this?
    185 000 last year alone, that's why. That is still a lot of cars.

    Actually more than the whole Acura brand sold in 2016.
    The whole Audi brand sold about 210 000 cars in 2016. Not that much more than the Malibu alone. (And less than the Malibu in 2015.)
    185 000 is also quite a bit more than 108 000 for the Optima. And I don't hear anyone say Kia should stop making the Optima…
    It also outsold the "popular" Subaru Outback. I don't hear anyone suggesting Subaru should stop making that either.

    Why 185 000 units a year is all of a sudden not enough???

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