2019 Fiat 500X

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The beige car is the current model, so you can see there won’t be many changes for the new year.
Mostly the lights. At least on this rear view.
Expect new bumpers and lights up front. And a larger screen inside.
Just like it’s Jeep Renegade cousin.

Fiat updated the lights of the “regular” small 500 hatchback a couple of years ago. And the change never made it to the US. Not sure why, since we cot the new dash that was introduced in Europe at the same time.

So I am not sure the new lights pictured here will make it for the US model.
But really, who knows…..

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  1. VB, I think the Hurricane motor will make its way to the 500X. Many say it will be one of the better 4 cyl. out there for both performance and economy. Both the Wrangler and revised Cherokee will get it this year while the Compass, Reneage, and 500X will get it next year. All the complaints about the no thrills Tiger Shark will be history by the time your crazy Italian accounting CEO leaves his post.

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