2019 Ford Edge

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 Not all new, but a very nice mid-cycle refresh.
It actually now looks a bit more like the Fusion. At least up front.
And less “trucky”. Which is nice.
Inside they replaced the shifter with a circular knob. As they seem to always do these days.

And there is an all new ST version (pictured in blue)
The ST gets a 2.7 Liter V6 Turbo with 330HP.
Standard on other modes is the 2.0 Liter turbo with 250HP.

I drove the Ford Edge a few times and always really liked it.
Although I don’t see many of them around where I live. They sold about 150 000 of them last year. (Which is still much less than the Fusion who sold about 210 000 units last year)

Just as a reminder, here are a couple of pictures of the current Edge…

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  1. Refresh looks pretty good but very disappointed to see they replaced the standard style shifter for the knob style one. There was nothing wrong with the old shifter so why the change? Oh wait that's right.. we need bigger cup holders so let's create space by putting in this dumb shifter and not worry about the user experience. Why do these manufactures think this type of thing is ok??

  2. This is a pretty minor restyle for the 5th model year of this design. No hybrid model?? The hybrid parts are on the shelf, and the battery would fit under the floor in the trunk like they did in the Escape Hybrid.

  3. I like the all new ST version of the Edge! I sure it going to go for nearly $50K all loaded up! Nice but still cheap compare to the luxury German crossovers which is the base price model!

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