2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Teaser

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The 2019 is on top, as a teaser.
Under it we have the Santa Fe sport and 7 seater Santa Fe.

I have heard earlier that the new Santa Fe would only be available as one version. The “sport” could be discontinued. Since the next Tucson might be getting a bit larger.

Like all new Hyundai designs, it looks a bit more conventional than the previous version.
Although you can already tell the wheel arch design seems pretty interesting…

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  1. Looks pretty sharp so far! It appears as though the next gen will have a more upright SUV shape instead the more sweeping shape of the current version, though.

  2. If you've seen any spy shots of the front end, with the Citroen/Cherokee/Kona like headlights, you'd know this is not going to look "a bit more conventional."

  3. No fake and cheap looking floating roof! I applaud Hyundai for resisting to apply this unsightly design trend on this new gen Santa Fe! Kudos!

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