2019 Kia Forte

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Well, this turns out to be quite a disappointment.

After all these really great designs, Kia has come out with one of the most generic sedan design ever.
There is close to zero style here.

It’s not ugly. It just looks like one of these super generic car drawings you used to see in old architecture renderings.
If this is the begging of a trend for Kia, things are pretty bad.
This makes the new 2019 Jetta look like a super model.

Of course, things might be better in real life….

I’ll have more pictures soon.

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  1. I don't know… I've seen some high quality images of in in white in presumably upscale trim. It actually looks quite premium to me. Handsome even. I won't say the name of the blog that features autos here but you'll eventually see them.

  2. I must admit that I am a bit disappointed in this next gen Forte. The overall proportions seem a little too bland and generic. It’s not bad looking, but it is definitely not the most exciting entry in the compact sedan segment.

    That being said, I do think it looks better than the next gen VW Jetta.

  3. The overall shape looks like a scaled down Sonata. It doesn’t look bad, but I expect something a little more exciting from Kia.

  4. The Stinger had me hoping for something more exciting.. But apparently the Rio was the styling benchmark here.

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