2019 Mercedes G-Class

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Well, all I can say is that at least they didn’t mess up the exterior design. No one except current owners and obsessed fans will be able to tell the new one from the old. Which is fine I guess….

Interior still feels a bit vulgar and plasticky for the price. (The current one starts at around $ 124 000!!!)

I just hate these cars in general. Here in the L.A area, there a re so many and pretty much all driven by obnoxious douchebags.
So this is really not “my thing”.

I would rather have a loaded 2019 Wrangler any day for about a third of the price. 

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  1. Looks gorgeous inside and out! Wish I had $150K to buy one outright! A very manly looking SUV, the new G Wagon!

  2. Finally brought it into the 20th century! Now when will the 21st century model be out to compete with (MUCH more capable & MUCH more reliable with MUCH better resale value NEW Wrangler?)

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