2019 Nissan Altima

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Just trying to compare the current model to the one that will officially be unveiled very soon.
(More pictures of it HERE)

It seems to follow the trend of “more straight lines/less curves”.
Overall, it does look like a cross between the current Maxima and the V-Motion concept.
(Which, itself also looks like a more angular Maxima)

The new Altima will probably be better in every way, which is great for consumers.
The current model is still a very popular car with over 307 000 sold in 2016.

With the all new Camry and Accord already on dealers lots, 2018 will be a great year for people looking for a mid sized sedan.

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  1. It'll continue to do well as long as it's cheap. The Altima has always been a car for sub-prime buyers.

  2. Looks like the proportions are identical to the current model, meaning they reuse the same platform from 2006. The Japanese get away with this while the Detroit 3 got crushed endlessly for reusing old platforms on new cars.

  3. Maybe the Japs get away with using the same platforms because of their inherent build quality and longevity.

  4. i dont mind the current nissan altima as is. Stylish enough for a mid size sedan and i've read it drives well, nice interior, etc. Some buyers just want a simple, reliable 4dr sedan for family duties/work commutes that aint too flashy or overpriced…i think the altima a good choice for those buyers.

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