2019 Toyota Auris/Corolla iM

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This actually looks promising. Maybe.
I do like these super wide LED lights up front.
It also looks a bit sportier than the current model, sold here as the iM.

Inside, we have another sad case of the “tablet sticking out” . Which is too bad.

Let’s hope that maybe, just maybe, this is the one that ends that horrible “huge mouth” trend on recent Toyota designs.

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  1. hmmmm….meh…i wish toyota woud focus on offering it's customers a true ''sports'' version of the corolla with an optional engine and suspension other then the dull and economical 140 HP it has currently. Sure , it can be great on gas as is but i suppose many just step up to the 4 cylinder Camry with 178 horsepower and 170 lb-ft of torque.

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