2019 Toyota Avalon in full “BurlappVision” video.

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Here is the all new 2019 Toyota Avalon in full “BurlappVision”.

You get to see that huge grille in action. Which is mainly scaring people.

(Since, as you can see,  most of it is blocked out, it doesn’t even help for the actual cooling. )

The front end of the new Avalon is probably one of the worst design I have seen in a long time.

As well as being so wrong for this type of car.

You can also watch it HERE.

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  1. I made the mistake of watching this video after eating my lunch, which I then promptly lost (if you know what I mean)…. that front end/grill is absolutely hideous.

  2. Vince, this is the first vid you've ever made where I wish there was a mute for my eyesight instead of for my ears. The screams were no issue, but that grille is simply repulsive.

  3. Another horrific Toyota design.

    What a disaster…unfortunately Toyota diehard will buy anything they make, just look at the Prius, oh wait, it’s been kind of a dud. LOL

  4. From the side and tha back the car looks great but the front looks like a high chunk fell off and left that gaping hole!

  5. The most repulsive grill ever designed on a vehicle, even worse than the new Camry. Wth is Toyota's design team smoking these days? At least Acura is finally starting to listen about their grill design. Come on Toyota, you could do far better and sell even more cars in the process.

  6. Toyota is still the most boring brand on the market… only with amateurish plastic capping each end. Such awful, lazy, throwaway designs.

  7. It is as if they made the Toyota version intentionally more ugly so as to make the upcoming Lexus ES less ugly by comparison to justify the price increase. In reality, both will likely be "FUGLY! as "FRAK!!"

  8. Not necessarily. I was a "die hard" for years, but finally switched, because I was tired of weird designs and outdated tech. The tech is finally catching up, but, unfortunately, the design missteps continue.

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