2019 Toyota RAV-4

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Just when you though the FT-AC Concept was a preview of a new crossover SUV from Toyota, it looks like it might actually be the next RAV-4…

At least from the spy shots.
The grille seems very similar. Flat hood. Even the wheels look inspired by the concept.

If this is really the RAV-4, they are going toward a more truck look. A major departure from what the RAV-4 has been so far.
As well as its competition, like the CR-V, Tucson, Escape etc… All these try very hard not to look like trucks, but tall hatchbacks/wagons.

Unless this is all wrong. And the spy shots ARE of a brand new model…

See for yourself HERE

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  1. The front end still says RAV-4 too me with the baggy under-eyes. I think it would be great if they went for a more fun aggressive look. While it's more angular, it's also closer to the original RAV-4 with deeper character lines.

    It will create a gap in Toyota's line-up if the rumored redesigned Prius V/Venza doesn't show up in the US for those wanting a more conservative look. I think it would be brilliant if the Prius V was brought back as a '19 Venza(hybrid).

  2. I take a truck looking front end again and higher performance engine like that of Camry V6! There is no CUV that looks like a truck other then the Compass. RAV-4 will make a killing for those who want a more masculine looking vehicle!

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