2019 Volvo V60

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The top picture is the all new 2019 Volvo V60.
I just posted pictures of the current model, as well as the larger, but much newer, V90.

The next V60’s proportions seem to be much closer to the new V90. With a longer, flatter hood.

No matter what, expect another really good looking wagon from Volvo.
Any time now… (Geneva?)

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  1. Pretty much every car maker offer wagons in Europe. Volvo is not a US brand. They are selling wagons mainly in Europe.
    Even when wagons were more popular, they were never "the majority" of the sales. (Except maybe a few US models in the 60's ad 70's?)
    So Volvo, as well as Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Honda, Mazda, Toyota and many others will continue to sell many wagons in Europe.

    The US market is also expending for wagons. With VW, Subaru, Buick/ Opel and Volvo selling new models here. While BMW and Mercedes never stopped selling wagons in the US.
    Volvo is mainly known for they wagons in the US. They are, like everyone else, now trying to be more of an SUV company. But they should always have a few wagon modes to offer.

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