2019 VW T-Cross

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 VW won’t sell the cool looking T-Rock in the US.
Instead, they claim they will get us something else that is smaller than the Tiguan.
Which will probably be the new T-Cross pictured above.
Which makes sense, since it already looks much more boring than the T-Rock.

VW seems to thing the US market only wants old looking, super conservative models.
Which has not really worked that great for them.

Here is the T-Rock concept from 2016.
Obviously, the production version will have 4 doors. And will not be a convertible.
But the front and and most of the profile should make it to the production version. 

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  1. Why does VW only offer conservatively designed products in the US? Probably because practical and boring crossovers and trucks are the best selling vehicles in this country. If VW is simply interested in increasing volume, then this is the route to go.

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