2020 Ford Mustang Interior?

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This was sent to me by a reader from Germany.
As the dashboard design for the next Mustang. Due out for the 2020 model year.

It does make some sense that one of their European design studio could be involved, since the Mustang is actually pretty popular over there right now.
And the picture does show a different design from the current car. While still obviously being a Mustang.

I never warmed up to the current super busy interior. And I think this would be much nicer.
The new Mustang is also expected to add an all new plug-in Hybrid version. 

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  1. So I guess Ford is taking a step back, considering the 2018 has Audiesque virtual instrumentation. Although I guess it could be the base car set up. Guess time will tell.

  2. Seems modern but yet classic at the same time. Should be an improvement over the current layout. Hopefully Ford will bring the sunroof option back also. Wonder if they are going to use any aluminum body panels to save weight?

  3. Ugh…..i really like the current mustang dashboard..i think it looks terrific as is. I hope Ford does not F**k it up. 🙂

  4. Please stop falling for low hanging fruit. First the Camaro, now this? It's a S550 design proposal photograph from 2011, so it has no bearing on the S650, which just got design approval in Dearborn. This is not it at all. These inside reports "from Europe" hurt credibility, when extremely archaic news.

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